Monday, March 12, 2007

Family gathering

I arrived earlier at office today coz the road is clear from traffic jam. This is due to the school holidays fall this week. I feel happy since my father and I will not stuck in the bad jam for this entire week. Fuh...

I had a great weekend. It seems like we were having family gathering bcoz all of my siblings went back since Friday evening. All of us are in a complete set starting from Saturday nite until Sunday afternoon. Angah, Atih, Acik and Alang are staying at hostels. So, they will just come back at home during school holidays. I’m really had a wonderful moment with them. We chit-chat together, share the experience and laughed at funny stories. What is more important, they learnt on how to be independent themselves, besides focus with their studies and be a good people when they grow-up.

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