Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What I did...

The first thing I did at office today was to prepare the major tasks and its status for the previous 6 months. Within 1 hour, I completed it.

Then, I amended the process and O&M issues for biofilter plants. I need to complete and submit it by this Friday. For this task, I need to add a few diagrams/pictures related to BF.

Besides that, I request the list of plants that had converted to EA under MTP refurbishment from CWRD staff. This is regarding about analysis of EA plants after MTP. This task will be my KPI for this year. Since my boss has directed us to prepare the monthly KPI scorecard starting from this month, so it’s better for me to do my task accordingly. Working…working…and working. Anyhow, I always set my working intention is for Allah and for me to get the "halal" income, insya-Allah.

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